Provocative Questions to Help You Define Your Style

Our team was retained to update this 1990’s Cottage Lake home. The clients wanted unique design features, a cozy feel and some whimsical.. We remodeled the kitchen incorporating custom hickory cabinets, a small walnut sitting perch at the peninsula and some beautiful custom made ceramic tile incorporating daises and a special butterfly. Our client is a baker, so the back wall of the kitchen is designed for everything baking complete with a lowered countertop for pie rolling and a pull out cabinet for the stand mixer. The corners by the window incorporated walnut shelving w/ lighting integrated into them and created a perfect tea station in the corner. We added/changed the lighting in the space by adding another small window in the kitchen, relocating the family room door into and adding a large window next to the new nook space. The doorway was opened up to the formal dining room with the previous window becoming a large slider to the deck and we added another window to the back wall flooding the space with light. The main floor in general was updated with hardwoods/refinishing and painting plus a freshen up to the family room fireplace with some stacked stone and a site built walnut box mantle.

We are continuing our series on finding your style. In this month’s blog, we’ll explore some questions that can help you better identify and define your style. Defining your style helps us determine what you want in your design-remodel. Be sure to read part one of this series, to better understand how passionately our designers will work to make this process as easy as possible for you.

It’s OK To Know More About What You Don’t Want

Homeowners often come to us knowing they are ready to remodel but not knowing exactly what they need. It’s more likely that you know what you don’t want or what isn’t working for you. For example, a lot of homes in Woodinville, Sammamish, Bellevue, Redmond, and the surrounding areas were originally built with dining rooms and kitchens that were closed off from surrounding rooms. In today’s open-space, home entertainment style, being stuck in the kitchen away from everyone can feel isolating. However, knowing that you want to open up the space is one thing; being able to envision how that will look is another.

Questions Our Designers Will Guide You Through

The wonderful thing about working with a design-build team is that we don’t expect you to sit down with us and tell us that you want a modern, chic, open design with warm or cool tones. Our team will help you hit upon the right labels for the design style you’re after. Here are some questions to think about that might help inform your design:

  • What do you love about your home design that you’d like to preserve?
  • What is it about your home design that causes stress or frustration?
  • Do you have any existing décor or art pieces that are meaningful and important to you to include in your newly designed space?
  • How does your family use the space? Do you watch movies together, entertain a lot of guests, cook together?
  • Do you work from home or have special hobbies that require dedicated space?

Additional questions can help us help you define your style:

  • Do you have any favorite colors or color combinations that you enjoy ?
  • Do you prefer lighter wood colors (oak, for example) or darker wood colors (mahogany, for example)?
  • Are there colors you really don’t want to see in your home?
  • When you walk through the door of your newly designed space, how do you want it to make you (or your guests) feel?

How We Help You Define Your Style

In addition to asking you questions to help us better understand what you like, our designers will also bring photos and samples so that you can consider different ideas and approaches. As you look through the photos and start pointing out design elements that speak to you, our designers will begin to get an idea of your overall aesthetic: modern, classic, chic; warm or cool. We’re with you every step of the way, listening to what you tell us about what you love and paying attention to what brings you joy, so that we can bring those charms to life in your home.

There Is No Wrong Style

Your style is just that – a personal and individual set of likes that help inform your design. There is no right or wrong way to define your style. At the end of the day, the goal of our designers is to help you find ways to express how you want to feel when you are in your home. We want you to feel like your home fits you as a person and suits your entire family, honoring traditions and commemorating special elements that tie you to your home and your family. Most of all, we want to help you capture your sense of style so that we can bring as much of you into your home design-remodel as possible and make you excited to invite guests over to marvel in your new space.

Are you ready to sit down with our team and talk about what we can do to make your home your happy place? Get in touch!

Next month, we’ll finish this series on finding your style by talking about finishing touches that transform your home and reflect your personality.

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