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Clyde Hill, Washington

Clyde Hill, Washington, is a small town in the Eastside region, nestled among the larger towns of Bellevue, Kirkland, and Medina.

Nip Tuck Remodeling is a design-build remodeling firm working with homeowners throughout the Eastside, including Bellevue, Bridle Trails, Clyde HillCottage Lake, Issaquah, Maltby/Cathcart, Medina, Mill Creek, Redmond, Sammamish, and Woodinville..

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Predominantly at sea level, with the highest elevation only 375 feet, the neighborhood is serene and quiet, bordered by evergreens. Clyde Hill is a residential real estate area mostly zoned for single-family homes. The only real exceptions to that are the local gas station and coffee shop.

Clyde Hill framed by evergreens

Called a “luxurious little haven” by the Seattle Times, the town attracts affluent residents who want or need to be near Seattle or Bellevue but prefer the cozy escape that Clyde Hill offers. With minimum lot sizes set at 20,000 square feet, average property values exceed $2 million. There is a diverse range of architectural styles, from contemporary mansions to traditional estates as well as an eclectic mix of stunning homes, allowing for creativity and expression inside and out.

Clyde Hill

Living in Clyde Hill

View of Mount Rainier over Lake Washington
Nip Tuck Remodeling Thanks: Friends of Cottage Lake

People are drawn to the area because of the spectacular views of Lake Washington, Mount Rainier, the Olympic Mountains, and Seattle’s iconic skyline. With a population of approximately 3,000 people, Clyde Hill is a small and beautiful community that enjoys a low crime rate and stunning views of the skyline across Lake Washington.

Nip Tuck Remodeling Clyde Hill Design-Build Remodeling Projects

Stain glass doors with Alice in wonderland
Custom "Alice" door references to 19th-century mathematical advances involving imaginary numbers, non-Euclidean geometry, abstract algebra, and more

Nip Tuck Remodeling has completed a number of home remodeling projects in Clyde Hill. The uniqueness of the custom stained glass door pictured above is the perfect example of how diverse home building styles are in Clyde Hill. We take great joy in making our clients delighted with the final outcome.

Homeowners there have been enthusiastic about working with our design-build remodeling team, and our award-winning designs have been a direct result of our willingness to listen to the homeowners, integrate their desires into the design phase, and execute designs that achieve a level of greatness needed for the neighborhood.

Clyde Hill Featured Projects

Nip Tuck Remodeling has had the pleasure of working on several homes in Clyde Hill. In many instances, the home no longer represented the owner’s taste, but an aesthetic remodel also provided the owner with an opportunity to address a mounting list simple infrastructure repairs and updates. In other instances, their kids had grown up, they were spending more time traveling and entertaining, or they were ready to enhance functionality and create enhanced living spaces by adding additional living spaces or a wine cellar and updating worn-out kitchens.

Mid-Century Modern Remodel in Clyde Hill

These Clyde Hill homeowners were in search of a modern touch and a more open feel with “California vibes.” With no room for expansion in the ceiling, we added skylights, removed the wall between the dining room and kitchen, and transformed an extra bedroom into a more functional laundry room and a primary closet.

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Custom Clyde Hill Whole-Home Remodel

This 2022 REX award-winning Clyde Hill home was purchased in the 1980s. The homeowners wanted to personalize the space while bringing it into the 21st century. They were thrilled with how we were able to bring their vision to life while staying within budget. Now, this home is ready for many years of entertainment and enjoyment for its owners.

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Nip Tuck Remodeling Is Ready to Transform Your Clyde Hill Home

The decision to remodel your house in Clyde Hill should take into consideration your specific circumstances, goals, and desires. Whether it’s updating aesthetics, improving functionality, or enhancing the value of your home, a remodel can transform your house into a place that better suits your lifestyle and brings you joy. We are excited to listen to your vision and help you transform your Clyde Hill home into the space of your dreams. 

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