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Frequently Asked Questions

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to determine if Nip Tuck Remodeling is the right design-build firm for you. These are the most frequently asked questions we receive from potential clients.

The Happiness Guaranteed Promise

Nip Tuck Remodeling promises to take our clients on a journey that:

  • Fully explores your wants and needs
  • Creates a vision of space and aesthetics you love
  • At a price that delivers great value, before we swing a hammer

We are committed to educating and advocating for our clients and delivering on our promise by:

  • Forming the right team
  • Evaluating our clients’ needs and wants
  • Creating the space
  • Helping to select all the details
  • Providing detailed planning for execution
  • Delivering fixed-price contracts
  • Employing a detailed and public project calendar
  • Having daily and weekly communication 

All of this requires flexibility, adaptability, and a commitment to innovation.

Frequently Asked Questions - Why Nip Tuck Remodeling?

What Makes Nip Tuck Remodeling My Best Option?

Nip Tuck Remodeling delivers outcomes that are truly unique to each client’s individual circumstances and aspirations. Our team of experts combine industry knowledge with creative thinking to design customized strategies and approaches for each project. Throughout the project lifecycle, we maintain transparent communication and encourage your honest feedback, ensuring that we stay aligned with your evolving needs and expectations. By fostering a collaborative partnership with you, we make sure your vision and goals actively shape the outcomes of your project.

Why Choose a Woman-Founded and Woman-Owned Construction Remodeling Company

While there are some anecdotal reasons why we think this is more than a novelty, there are also research-based reasons

April’s dad was a contractor. April grew up around contractors and trades, so it’s in her blood.  She held a variety of positions, working her way up from scheduling and collections, to estimating and design management.  April knows her way around a job site and works with our expert craftsmen to ensure the best options are utilized for aesthetic value and longevity. The best part is, she hires people with the same mindset and unique skill sets!

We’ve also found some of these research-based assertions to be true:

Nip Tuck Remodeling consistently receives client reviews highlighting the relationship with clients and our skilled communication.  Our culture is passionate about building and maintaining relationships through effective communication and empathy.  Our reviews say it all: we earn trust.

We are innovative. In design knowledge, technology that enhances materials, new market products, and a culture of continuous education and improvement. Our business goals are to adapt the project outcomes to the wants of each client.

Nip Tuck Cares exists because we are engaged in community development committed to completing initiatives to support trade education and workforce development, housing and safe environments for women and children, and supporting food assistance programs.

Why Is Winning Awards Important?

We are proud of our awards because it provides evidence to potential clients that Nip Tuck Remodeling demonstrates excellence in our field. Industry awards prove we have innovative approaches, creative solutions, and deliver top-tier results. 

Client reviews, along with awards, showcase our ability to deliver high-end quality services.  This adds to our credibility and reputation. We are particularly happy to see reviews that clients provided years after their project was completed.  Our quality of work – both aesthetically and structurally – is recognized by awards and client reviews.

When Do You Pass on a Project?

If you’re not sure what you want, we are thrilled to speak with to you about any project to see if we are a fit or can provide any education or resources to you.  Schedule a call with us if you’d like to talk about your home remodeling questions and goals.

Projects we don’t usually take may include:

  • New Home Building
  • Single-trade handyman projects
  • Exterior only – May be included in a larger remodeling project (ex. decks, landscaping, siding, fences, or roofing) but not as a standalone project
  • Appliance Repair
  • Additions where the site conditions may include highly limited access, unstable soil conditions, or steep slopes
Why choose Nip Tuck remodeling?

Frequently Asked Questions - Trends and Inspiration

What Are the Latest Trends in Kitchen/Bathroom Remodeling?

Trends come and go. One of our philosophies is to design a timeless space that’s fits your specific needs. So we find ways to use trends and colors without doing it in a way that the most built-in expensive pieces of your remodel are a passing trend.

How Do I Find Design Inspiration for My Remodel?

You can get inspiration from anywhere – Pinterest, magazines, things you’ve seen at a friend’s house. Our favorite place to go for inspiration is Houzz. You can create an idea book in Houzz where you can gather some of your favorite design ideas and features.

But don’t worry! If even the idea of having inspiration is overwhelming, you’re in good hands. Our designers will help you every step of the way, from thinking about why you want to remodel to how you want to feel in your house.

woodinville custom kitchen - luxe updated kitchen

Frequently Asked Questions - Who Is Part of the Team?

Why Do I Need a Designer for My Renovations?

The designer is an integral part of our team – they’re not just making your home look pretty and picking the colors. They’re responsible for ensuring that the remodel is functional and improves the flow of your home. They create the floor plan and blueprint for your remodel that our construction team will use. The designers on our team are technical designers with the education and certifications necessary to know which walls can be knocked down to open up your kitchen and when it’s smart to relocate your appliances (or a whole room).

Is Hiring an Interior Designer for My Remodel Worth the Expense?

As a design-build firm, this question comes up often. When you hire the right person, they will save you money in the long run by avoiding costly mistakes or problems before they occur.  Here are tips on what to look for in an interior designer or interior design services for your remodel or renovation:

  • A portfolio that shows a range of work and flexibility to accommodate individual clients’ taste
  • Thoughtful use of existing site conditions to produce what the client wants
  • Previous client reviews or references that establish the designer cares about your working relationship – listens, understands, and is confident they can bring your vision to life
  • Ability to adjust their approach to solutions based on your needs, preferences, and budget constraints
  • An organized and efficient system to explain their approach

Looking for these traits in your designer will reinforce their experience, expertise, and commitment to client service.  Remember, design is a process, not a checklist.

Do I Need to Hire an Architect?

Whether or not you need to add on to your home is something you can explore with your design-build team. We will often have a more practical solution, identifying ways to use your investment more efficiently by reconfiguring the interior of your home, especially if you have rooms that are underutilized (ghost rooms). If you have ghost rooms in your house, we may be able to help you redesign your interior to achieve your goals. If we do determine that adding on to the home is the best option, we can bring in an architect for that nominal piece versus having to hire one for the entire project. A great example is a project we’re doing where the client thought they’d need to build an extensive addition, but we were able to keep the whole design by repurposing the rest of the house, only adding 70 square feet. The result? $600,000 in savings!


Frequently Asked Questions - Budget and Scope

How Much Will My Home Renovation Cost?

You’ll find that a lot of our answers start with, “It depends.”

Every house is unique. Like shoes, we know how they generally work, but they fit differently on every foot.

It’s the same with houses. Generally, there are the same basic elements in every home, but they’re a little different for each homeowner.

Depending on what you want…

Depending on what you have…

Depending on your expectations…

Depending on time and budget…

Anything is possible. It just…depends.

We all want a calculator, an estimate, a model; but we will put a pin in the small dot near where we hope to begin.

Often, we end up nearby.

Other times, we find clients dial in their true goals and find we work in a specific space within their house and it’s a different project than we originally thought, but it works out, because we work through it all together.

How Can the Designer Translate My Vision Into a Budget?

This question is at the heart of the design-build model. When your designer and builder are working under the same roof, a through-line of work to take the existing plans to your design vision can be broken into steps. 

As we look at what needs to be removed, moved, covered, and finished, our estimator calculates how long each phase of the construction will be, the components to include in the cost of that phase, and then adds in the expense of the materials you choose throughout the project’s space.

By the time we have created a final budget before you sign a contract for construction, we are very accurately communicating to you the cost and the timeline required from start to finish. 

Additionally, if there are things we need to investigate (rot, structural questions, damage from infestation, etc.) we will have an agreed-upon strategy to discover and address those issues, if they arise.

The designer, estimator, and construction team all work in the same building at Nip Tuck Remodeling, and we are committed to delivering a quality remodeling experience for you. 

Accuracy and anticipatory planning translate your design vison to your home and the space we want you to love.

we all work together to bring your vision to life

Frequently Asked Questions - Process and Timeline

How Long Will My Home Renovation Project Take?

Our average project, which usually encompasses the entire main floor of your home, will take, on average, four to six months. A primary bathroom remodeling project will easily take two-and-a-half to three months. A hall bathroom will take six to eight weeks. A kitchen remodel will pretty reliably take three months to do. Of course, it all depends on the scope of your project, whether we have to complete the project in phases (for example, if we’re remodeling all of your bathrooms but you’re remaining in the house while we work, we have to leave one bathroom for you to use as we work).

If we’re doing a whole-house remodel, it will also need to be done in phases so that as we complete the work in one area, you can move out of the area we need to do next. In some cases, to help speed up the project, a client may opt to move out of the home while we’re working, but that’s not always feasible. If you’re going to live in the house, then that means only one floor or section of your house should be touched so that you can still comfortably live in your home.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Design-Build Remodeling Firm?

Design-build firms can be beneficial to homeowners who want to work with one point of contact, because the team is all under one roof. From start to finish, we are consistently on the same page regarding your project, ensuring that the cost is accurately calculated before the work starts. 

A design-build firm helps eliminate the surprises that can occur during a more traditional approach.

Can You Provide Examples of Successful Whole House Remodeling Projects You've Completed?

We would love to have you explore some of our projects! We have an extensive project portfolio on our website. You can also visit our page on Houzz, where you’ll find more projects and reviews. You can also do a virtual walk-through of several of our projects, which you can experience here:

Custom remodel with unique layout and fixtures. Custom windows to provide both privacy and allow light in.