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Mid-Century Modern Remodel in Clyde Hill


Welcome to Happy Hour in this relaxed and polished home

These clients loved their neighborhood and this home that had been passed down through generations, but it was in desperate need of a makeover.


This home, tucked into a peaceful Clyde Hill neighborhood, is gem! It has a perfect yard and a great concept, but was lacking in one major way — it needed a some large repairs and a makeover to devise a new floorplan and select all new finish materials to give our homeowners the “California vibes” they were looking for, we had to:


Since the home’s roof didn’t allow for raising the ceiling height to accommodate one large skylight, we formulated a creative workaround – one generous skylight well, with three skylights, giving the illusion of a taller ceiling in the kitchen. To brighten up the aesthetic further, we introduced white walls and cabinetry, painted the wood ceiling, and lightened the floors to dilute the feeling of too much wood. By removing a dividing wall between the dining room and kitchen, it created an open entertaining space for good flow. We transformed an extra bedroom into a more functional laundry room and a primary closet.


The homeowners are now living the easy-breezy California-inspired life, with a home that maintained its mid-Century modern integrity while getting a modern update that suits the needs of this family.

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