This is the first in a three-part blog series on Finding Your Style. We will show you how we can help find, implement and enjoy your home remodel. Designing a space is so much fun—after all, the possibilities really are endless! But for many of our clients, coming up with a plan for a blank-slate area in their home can be a bit intimidating. Oftentimes, our clients know what isn’t working in their space, but they aren’t quite sure where to begin to address their pain points and define their style. That’s where the Nip Tuck Remodeling design team comes in. Here’s how we can help you begin to envision the remodel of your dreams:

Finding Inspiration 

Inspiration is a creative hodge-podge! Sometimes it can be found in the style of your home, or in your personal style. It can be based on a collection you may have, a hobby, or something else that tells your story. We firmly believe that YOU are the inspiration of your home, and we love using who you are as a springboard for the design we create.

Our team also spends a lot of time researching finishes, materials, and products, so when something special stands out in our mental catalog, we like to see how it might fit in with your personal style.

Taking a Broad View 

To help you get started on your style-defining journey, we will often ask, “how do you want this space to feel?” or “how do you want to feel in your space?” Maybe you want your remodel to exude a level of formality, sophistication, and luxury. Or you might want a space that focuses on comfort, warmth, and relaxation. One of our favorite questions that we like to ask our clients is, “what do you like or love about your current space?” Even though we are going to remodel, we don’t want to inadvertently erase something that really works for your family.

It also helps to know about what you don’t like, especially if you’re able to tell us why. Any given material can look vastly different if in various combinations, but if, for example, that one wood tone reminds you of something that was not your ideal look in another home, then you’re probably not going to warm up to the thought of having it in your new kitchen.

Starting Small

“I just have no idea what goes together.”

If this sounds familiar, and the thought of matching cabinets with backsplashes is totally overwhelming, don’t worry! We can start small by looking at a few choices of one of the bigger design components in your space and talking about what you’re drawn to. Often, our clients will be able to tell us that they prefer, say, one kitchen cabinet style over another, and from there we can look at another select group of materials that we know will work.

Our goal is to make this process as fun and straightforward as possible for you. To make things easier still, we’ll prepare for a meeting with a narrowed set of options for you to pick from based on what we have talked about. As we talk through the pros and cons of different materials, maintenance recommendations and budget considerations, you’ll feel empowered to make an informed decision. 

Our designers can help guide you through the process of finding your style and making it work in all the right ways. This three-part blog series will show you how we help homeowners like you find, implement, and enjoy your style from start to finish!

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