Remodeling Trends to Inspire You

remodeling trends to inspire you in bridal trails wa

One of the best parts of being a design-remodel firm is being at the forefront of upcoming remodeling trends. While the idea behind remodeling a home is to discover your style and create a home you’ll love to live in, we all welcome inspirations that help us choose options we might not have considered.

Remodeling vs Moving

According to the latest Houzz survey:

Among the people planning to renovate in the next three to 12 months, 67% want to stay in their current home and update it rather than buy a new home that would fit their needs. Meanwhile, 38% want to stay in the same neighborhood.

If you love your neighborhood and want to keep your home but want to make it a better fit for your current lifestyle, entertainment needs, and future needs, then remodeling can offer the perfect solution. If you’re considering a design remodel of your home this year (or already have one scheduled with us), have a look at our favorite remodeling trends for your inspiration.

Bold Colors Are Back

With Viva Magenta 18-1750 chosen to be Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2023, it’s no surprise that bold colors are becoming popular design choices. Other hues, such as blues and oranges, as well as unique wallpaper designs, are also in high demand. Alternatively, all-white spaces are making a big comeback, too. Color psychology comes into play when designing your spaces, especially when redesigning the main bedroom and bathroom. Creating a home oasis in the main suite means incorporating natural materials like wood and copper, as well as nature-inspired colors.

Hybrid Work Makes Home Offices a Mainstay

During the pandemic, making space for a home office became one of the hottest remodeling trends. Everyone wanted – and needed – a space where they could comfortably Zoom. While there was some thought that the home office trend would quiet as people returned to the office, the number of people working in hybrid positions – sometimes at the office and sometimes at home – has made having a home office a must-have for most homeowners.

From the Outside In

One of the hot trends we expect will continue this year is the expansion of the living space to the out of doors. Outdoor and indoor-outdoor kitchens dominate the trend, but homeowners are looking for ways to bring the outside closer to home with bigger windows, double doors, and outdoor entertainment areas that include new decks and expanded porches. Another way we’re expecting to see the outside brought in is through the use of recycled materials, reclaimed wood, and other elements of nature incorporated into the design and the decor. Also expect to see beautiful, functional mud rooms. (And be sure to ask us how to make this work for your home.) Depending on your space, your mud room could include a dog washing station and convenient built-in storage for everything from work boots to skis.

The Kitchen as the Center of the Home

Remodeling the kitchen is not a new trend, but envisioning the kitchen as the central gathering place for the family continues to pick up steam. Don’t be afraid to let out your inner gourmet and design the kitchen of your dreams. Think big – six burners instead of four on the cooktop, commercial refrigerators, walk-in pantries, and unique storage solutions are not out of reach.

Smart Homes Are Getting Smarter

Smart homes are getting smarter and more energy efficient. From LED lighting to built-in charging stations to smart locks, lights, and appliances, the modern home is filled with the kinds of conveniences that make remodeling something to get excited about.

Planning for the Future

Accessibility is one of the remodeling trends that has been around for a while but is seeing a resurgence. Walk-in tubs and curbless showers, wider doorways, built-in grab bars, and lower sink counters allow you to remodel your home for the future, to ensure that you can age in style and in the comfort of your own home. This is one of the main reasons homeowners consider remodeling in the first place. As more focus is placed on health and staying healthy, other home remodel design elements include air and water filters and healthier building materials. You can create spaces that let you get away from the stress of life.

Ready to Dream Big?

Are you ready to remodel? We hope you are inspired by these trends, or have your own vision of what you want to see changed in your home. Whether you’re seeking to remodel your whole home or just a room or two, Nip Tuck Remodeling is ready to help you plan, prepare, and create the home you’ve been dreaming of. Contact us today to get started!

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