5 Things Your Remodeler Wants You to Know

5 things our remodelers want you to know

There are always unexpected things that occur during a project. And for a homeowner who has never remodeled their home before, just thinking about how everything works can make the process nerve-wracking. At Nip Tuck, we pride ourselves on having excellent communication with our clients throughout the process – you will always know what’s happening when, and how much it will cost. But there are things to be aware of with any remodeling project. We talked to our construction team to get on-the-ground feedback about what every homeowner should know going into a project.  

Discovering the Unexpected

There are two phases to discovery: “trade day” and demolition. During discovery, we attempt to determine the hidden issues that might arise during your remodel. Nip Tuck Remodeling’s “trade day” is unique. We invite all our trade partners into your home to give us estimates of the work involved.  This often includes poking holes in walls and looking for “the usual suspects” that arise in the remodeling process. We may find something in the floor, walls, or ceiling that wasn’t previously visible. Sometimes we find old leaks, infestations, rot, poor original construction, etc.  In these instances, we immediately notify the homeowners and provide any solution options as quickly as possible so we can choose how to move forward.  This is a step that is never fun or pleasant because it can turn into its own little project that generates extra costs, but we often fix bigger issues that will make the house safer structurally and in terms of air quality, with the intent of preventing future  problems and saving time and money in the long run. During the second phase of discovery – demolition – we actively knock down walls and take apart a variety of apparatuses in the home. 

Is There a Grouch in Your Neighborhood?

We love knowing if our clients have grouchy neighbors!  This helps us work out parking, make changes to delivery options, and accommodate these concerns as much as possible.  Oftentimes, we will immediately reach out to neighbors who may be inconvenienced (or let clients do so, if they prefer) so that those neighbors don’t file a complaint with the HOA or the police, making the entire process more troublesome for everyone.  We’d rather neighbors contact us directly if there is a perceived problem.

Transparent Documentation

Sometimes things change during the remodeling process: You may decide you want more walls painted, you may change your mind about the faucet you selected, or you may decide you want a different mirror in the bathroom.  This is fine!  But we do have to record changes after construction as a “change order” for you to sign off on.  Sometimes, there are more costs involved, which will be noted; other times, you may receive a credit. But you can be sure that these changes are transparent and that there will be a paper trail properly accounting for all adjustments.

Relax and Let Us Work Our Magic!

We work closely with our trade partners (electrical and plumbing contractors, for example) and provide them with very specific directions.  We love for our homeowners to meet and know the people who are coming into their homes, but there is a heightened risk of mistakes if a homeowner steps in or tries to instruct the project.  To prevent this, a project manager is always available and happy to help with homeowner questions.

Other Tidbits Worth Knowing Ahead of Time

Everything we do is with your safety and comfort in mind – even managing your expectations.

Your lives will be disrupted, and you’ll lose access to part of your home during the remodel. We do our best to work quickly, but keep these final thoughts in mind:

  • If possible, it’s best if you can arrange for alternate housing during the remodel.
  • Most clients see drywall go up and think we are about half done with the remodel, since it’s “starting to come together,” when, in fact, it’s probably about one-third complete.  There will be many details left. Remain patient.
  • We love it when our clients pop in on the weekends, when we’re not working, to check progress. Take photos – especially if you see something that doesn’t look right – to share with your project manager. All we ask is that you follow the safety rules that are outlined on the job site, so you do not break something or injure yourself.

Remodeling – especially whole-house remodeling and kitchen remodels – can be tough to get through, regardless of how amazing the remodeler may be. At the end of the day, however, the disruption caused by the remodel results in a home you will love more and will be anxious to spend time in. The more you know in advance about what the project may entail, the easier it will be for us to deliver your dream.

Are you eager to get your home remodeling project on the books? Let’s get started!

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