Inspiration from the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS)

Large, deep, soaking tub with unique & modern custom finish from 2023 KBIS

Remodeling will not only breathe new life into your home but can also increase its value. Some of the most valuable upgrades you can make to a home are in the kitchen and bathroom. Accordingly, every February, the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) presents the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Las Vegas. This event is something that our designers and product managers look forward to most every year.

Vegas, Baby!

More than 200,000 design and housing professionals poured into the Las Vegas Convention Center for Design & Construction Week, which included the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS), the International Builders’ Show (IBS), and the National Hardware Show (NHS). The KBIS show featured the latest appliances, new fixtures, and so much more, including many products we could touch and ask questions about.

This year, Allison, Brian, and Emma headed to KBIS in Vegas to discover the latest trends and bring inspiration back to Nip Tuck’s clients. During the show, they were inspired by new design ideas, new technologies, new colors, new trends – and they came home with fabulous new thoughts to share with homeowners who are getting ready for a design-remodel or are preparing to book one.

Some of their favorite inspirations were new bathtub ideas, creative ways to texture walls and use wallpaper, and lighting solutions throughout the home. They were also offered a ton of learning opportunities and uncovered uniquely curated options for our current designs and all future projects.  

Here are some of the highlights from the show:

We are excited about these metal components for kitchen accents. When used in combination with common wood cabinetry, they help to elevate a space from ordinary to extraordinary.

We love modernizing fireplaces during our design-remodel projects.

These water vapor “fireplaces” give the look of a flame, using only water vapor and light, without burning fuel.

These decorative chandeliers were one of Allison’s favorite discoveries. “They are the most innovative lighting solution I’ve seen in a while,” she said. “Like a string of pearls, they suspend from the ceiling. They’d look cool over a large dining table, in a double-height entry, or over a good-sized island.”

Sometimes, little innovations make a big impact on everyday living. This video is of a new Delta hand shower that puts out great pressure for regular showering and can then switch to a single hole with high-pressure output for easy shower cleaning.

And as long as we’re contemplating a shower upgrade, consider these decorative drains. Says Emma, “I loved that the decorative drains were almost like jewelry – a little extra addition to make your design really pop!”

These formed shower bases were another discovery at this year’s KBIS. These bases have architectural interest and features we’ve never seen before.

We always love being inspired by new ideas for modernizing the fireplace, but this has a unique twist. The fireplace is assembled in two-foot sections and can be lengthened to your liking, simply by adding on additional sections.  The largest fireplace they created was 66 feet long! Also, the glass comes in 13-foot increments and the gas insert featured here has zero combustible clearance. Even when running, the double chamber ensures that the glass is not hot to the touch, making it safe to have around kids.

As you can see, the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show is something worth getting excited about. It allows our designers to bring back the newest and most innovative trends to help make your home’s design remodel even more exciting.

Enjoy scrolling through some additional photos from KBIS

This fireplace has LED backlighting that can change color for any event or mood, making it a uniquely customizable centerpiece. Or turn off the lights and enjoy a simple cozy fireplace.

This tub is wrapped in a unique material that completely fuses to the tub base.  The pattern or shade can be customized and match anything.  Goodbye, standard white tub!

Moen has introduced a complete home water control system that can perform water testing, handle sprinkler winterization, and protect your home from leaks while you’re on vacation. Many other features can be accessed by just pushing a button!

These are samples of wall texture for inspiration – new wallpaper that wraps around corners and provides you with the opportunity to create a unique accent wall.

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