The Importance of the Contractor Interview

“Remodeling is an intimate and personal experience. You’re welcoming total strangers into your home, so you must choose to do business with someone you know, like, and trust.”


No employer would welcome a new hire into their organization without an interview and vetting process. Why would your home remodeling project be any different? A remodel is a very personal endeavor, and choosing the right contractor is going to determine whether your happiness is guaranteed. Not only is the interview a great opportunity to establish a relationship, but it’s necessary to discuss budget, expectations, expertise, and any concerns.

This is not a conversation to be had over the phone. The interviews with your final selection of contractors can occur in your home or in their offices, but an in-person meeting will help you determine if the right chemistry exists. A personal meeting will also assist in identifying red flags, especially as questions are asked and answered.

Tap into their passion.

Your interviews should certainly include whether the contractor can stay within budget and meet deadlines. Does their vision match yours? Even if it doesn’t, perhaps due to architectural challenges, can they offer alternatives that inspire you? An in-person interview gives you the chance to ask personal questions, such as why they are a contractor and what their favorite projects are. A simple conversation will reveal the contractor that truly takes pride in their work, and the contractor that is only interested in the check.

Beware the jack of all trades.

The contractor that can “do it all” is more than likely too good to be true. We all have our areas of expertise, and even if a contractor has the knowledge of how to rearrange the plumbing, that doesn’t mean they (or you) should throw caution to the wind with your outdated pipes. This is why meeting in person is so important, so that you can discuss whether your desired project is something that the contractor specializes in. Perhaps they can complete one aspect of the project but need to enlist the help of a colleague or partner to complete other details. Reputable contractors will almost always work in teams, joining associations and memberships that give them access to others in the industry that help them provide their communities with great service.

The in-person meeting is much like an interview for both you and the contractor. It is an important building block in the steps toward identifying who would best meet your needs. You may love the work of one contractor, but you mesh well with the personality of another. Although staying within your budget is always the goal, paying more for the right contractor provides long-term benefits. The in-person meetings will guide your end decision, offering a ton of information to make the right choice.

“Part of being a professional contractor is taking great care of our client’s homes and loved ones.”

Choosing the right contractor is about more than finding someone who can install a new kitchen. This professional will be enmeshed in your daily life. They will regularly see and engage with your family and your pets. They will exist inside your home until the project is complete. No phone call or website will be able to offer the information you need to choose the right contractor. With a well-planned in-person meeting, you can find the right professional to create your dream home.


Choosing the right contractor is about more than finding someone who can install a new kitchen. This professional will be enmeshed in your daily life.