Stay Home and Dream: Brainstorming Ideas for your Dream Home Remodel

We are all devastated by what is happening in this country and around the world. Our hearts and thoughts are with everyone as we all learn to adjust to what will likely be our new normal for quite some time.

Nip Tuck Remodeling is doing our part to help stop the coronavirus spread; per the Governor’s orders, we have ceased working on all projects. Most of our staff are currently on furlough while we await the opportunity to begin building again. We are confident that as a community, we will get through this together.

In the meantime, we are learning new ways to interact with our clients, as most of you are as well.  We have found great success holding virtual meetings, using existing tools, such as Chief Architect, to share our screens and walk folks through their new spaces in 3D. We are about to do a virtual trade walk next week.  We have found ways to maintain the emotional connection with our clients and lead them through the design process, while still respecting the protocols that are now in place.

With so much news and information already out there about what is happening, I would like to offer something to help distract you from the worry and concern – a way to think about the future and keep dreaming.

Plan Your Dream Home

I recently received an email from Bedrosians Tile & Stone reminding us that "Creativity Doesn't Stop and Neither Should You." I needed to hear that, and I thought it was an excellent reminder to stay positive and look toward the future. Before all this current madness, you may have been dreaming of a remodel. If you now find yourself at home, then this is a great time to generate ideas and actually design the perfect space, regardless of when it can be built.

We all love to look forward to something. Why not let a little extra dream setting be part of your day? You are likely spending a lot more time at home than you would ordinarily, and this gift of time might actually trigger ideas for some much-wanted future changes. Here are things you can do from home even if actual remodeling can't happen right now:


  • Join Houzz and start an Idea Book. Check out our site for ideas and inspiration!
  • Start pinning remodeling and design ideas on Pinterest.
  • Order some samples of tile or stone. Consider Bedrosians; we love their tile! 
  • Download our Happiness Guaranteed - Know your Why eBook (on our website) and work through some preliminary thoughts. 
  • Research and set up virtual meetings with potential contractors. We are available, and technology makes these types of appointments very convenient. It all starts with a phone call, and you can request a meeting on our website or simply pick up the phone and call us at 425-681-7668 – we would love to hear from you!
  • And, as an added bonus, if you are not ready to start designing but you’d like to have some professional advice, April is scheduling daily 15-minute Zoom video calls through the month of May. It’s free and you just sign up online for an apt.


At Nip Tuck Remodeling, we believe that you deserve to live in a home you love. If your home doesn’t currently meet your needs, we encourage you to stop looking at the news and invest some time in a way that creates positive energy, action, and excitement for your future remodeled home.  This is perfect time to take the plunge into design, even if the date for building your dream space is months or a year from coming to fruition.

For now, stay home. For tomorrow, dream big!

Take this opportunity while you're home to dream big and start your remodeling and designing plan.