How Nip Tuck Remodeling Keeps the “On Time” Promise

To hit your schedule every time: Is it too good to be true? Hitting a schedule is critical for remodeling companies. For one thing, if we promise a client that we’ll be finished with their project on time, then that’s an important promise to keep. For another, the next client scheduled is expecting us to start their project on time, and if we’re delayed on the previous project, we’ll disappoint both customers.

100% On-Time Record

We hit schedules every time. As a design-build company specializing in whole-house interiors with an emphasis on kitchens and baths, we regularly run four to five projects at a time throughout the year. One of the reasons that clients hire us (the first time – and then again and again) is because we promise to be ON TIME, ON BUDGET, ON PURPOSE.

So how do we do it? That was the topic of discussion during my podcast with Tim Faller. Listen to it here:


Our Commitment to You

While we use scheduling software to help us stay on track – and every single person who works with us, from employees to suppliers to vendors, buys into our approach –  the real reason we stay on time with your project is because that’s what you deserve. It is very disruptive to have contractors in your home for weeks on end, to lose the use of a kitchen or bathroom. The least we can do is get done when we say we will. We do that by planning.

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

We spend more time than many contractors in the planning phase of your project for good reason: We know that the more we plan and help you envision what we’re going to be doing, the more concerns we can resolve up front. Hitting the schedule is more than just words on paper for us; it’s part of our identity. It’s part of our “Happiness, Guaranteed” promise. Each week, we tell you it’s going to happen a certain way, and then each week it actually happens.

Don’t take our word for it; see what this client has to say:

Tania and Mark, Redmond WA - Kitchen and Main Floor Update

"April and her team did an astounding job remodeling our sad and dated late-80s kitchen. We knew what we wanted going in, but April and her PM, David, brought design ideas to the table that we hadn't considered, and in some cases, were just plain better.

This was a real partnership because April and David listened, brainstormed, and responded collaboratively and timely. And the schedule was a treat; we're still in disbelief that a 14-week, completely-torn-down-to-the-studs gut remodel had a detailed project schedule that was accurate TO THE DAY. If you are looking for a design-build firm with an impeccable eye for design, relentless attention to detail, efficient and effective project management, and skilled trade subcontractors who are absolutely at the top of their game, Nip Tuck is for you."

We hit our schedule every time because you deserve it.