Nip Tuck Remodeling discovers inspiration at KBIS 2020

Highlights from KBIS and the NAHB International Builders Conference

Every year, thousands of designers, builders, remodelers, contractors, and homeowners descend on Las Vegas for the combined Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) International Builders Conference. It is the event of the year, where the latest innovations and design trends are showcased. Our designer, Allison, attended this year and brought back her favorite ideas from the shows.

Pops of Color

Last year’s show featured brightly colored appliances in shades like coral. This year, there was a continuing trend of pops of color, but set to a background of high-contrast black and white. Faucets, sinks, and appliances were all featured in rich colors, along with painted cabinetry and textiles. Allison’s favorite color – and one that seems to be a favorite – is emerald, as you’ll see from the True Residential column refrigerator featured in Builder’s Magazine.

Technology Makes Its Way to the Kitchen and Bath

We’ve seen technology work its way into every space in the home, and the kitchen and bathroom are starting to really have some great options in this area.

Voice Activated Faucets

In addition to touch faucets, which turn on and off with the wave of a hand, both Kohler and Moen featured voice-activated faucet from which you can turn the faucet on or off, pour specific amounts or fill preset measurements simply by voice. The Setra™ Kitchen Faucet with KOHLER Konnect uses an app to control the faucet. U by Moen Smart Faucet™ works through Alexa or Google Assistant. The Moen faucet won a Bext of KBIS 2020 award.

GE Takes Oven Range Microwaves to a New Level

Always wanted to call mom and talk to her while you cook? How about video chatting with mom while getting her advice on your effort at preparing one of her recipes? GE has developed an oven range microwave in which the whole front of the door is a touch screen interface that also has cameras that point down at the stove so she can see what you’re cooking.

Hide and Seek Appliances

From a great Liebherr under-counter refrigerator with a full height door that frees up wall space to fridges that are designed to blend in with the surrounding cabinetry, many kitchen design trends featured ways to more uniquely incorporate these large appliances.

Allison’s Favorites

While there were so many inspirations that we’ll be using to inspire homeowners, Allison spotted some design ideas that were truly exciting.


This year’s decking provided delightfully surprising ways to make outdoor entertaining spaces feel more like part of the home, including new decking colors and design schemes that incorporated mixed-width planks. As exterior rooms continue grow in popularity, this is likely to be one of the hottest design trends of the season.

Bathroom Faucets Get an Upgrade

It may be a small detail but having a bathroom-sink size pull faucet is a great concept. Delta introduced one at KBIS this year but expect to see more customized bathroom faucet designs in the future.

Marvin Windows Alcove Window

Probably Allison’s favorite design inspiration from the show was the Marvin Skycove, a fully constructed glass pop-out structure that expands interior space and provides a comfortable, cozy place to gather.  

Attending the Kitchen and Bathroom Industry Show every year is a great way to launch the new design build season. We’re more excited than ever to get started on your project.

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Attending the Kitchen and Bathroom Industry Show every year is a great way to launch the new design build season. We’re more excited than ever to get started on your project