Get Cozy this Season by Adding a Fireplace

With the leaves falling and temperatures dropping, it’s easy to dream of warm slippers and hot chocolate with family and friends gathered around the fire. Unfortunately, cozy fire places have fallen out of favor in home-building. Sure, you can put that fake log fire on your tv, but it’s not anything close to the real deal. Adding a fireplace creates a comforting touch in any home, and it’s an exciting addition to consider in your remodel.

The benefits of a fireplace go beyond warmth.

The reason you don’t see fireplaces in many newly built homes is because nobody heats their house with wood anymore. Of course, remodeling always has more to do with emotions than anything else. There’s something nostalgic about a fireplace as you watch the flames dance and listen to the wood crackle. It transforms a simple living space into a home, but it also can save you money on your heating bill.


There are options for every home.

Fireplaces can be added to existing homes. By talking with a contractor, you can identify feasible spaces for a romantic touch to your home, the type of fireplace to add, and any safety considerations. Your team can also help you consider the materials that would blend best with your existing design, as well as the architectural design of the fireplace.


Location, location, location.

The big question is, where will it go? Maybe you’ve got a corner office that gets depressing in the winter, and you need to lift your spirits while working on a winter day. A fireplace could also completely transform a large living area as you prepare to entertain family for the holidays. If you’re looking for personal comfort, a master bedroom is a common space for a fireplace addition, too. For those that love the crisp open air, outdoor fireplaces are becoming a huge trend. Whatever your needs are, a fireplace can fulfill an empty space in your home and change the ambiance completely.

Your contracting partner will check building codes and know what safety precautions should be taken, but it’s rare that a fireplace can’t be added to a home. There are so many ways you can add the comforting touch of a fireplace, and the right contractor can offer tips as well as help you stay in budget. You don’t have to limit your fireplace enjoyment to winter resorts. With a professional design team, you can bring your own winter wonderland to life.

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