Step 1

The consultation, information gathering and 'get to know you' step. We'll share our process and discuss specifics of what you want and need from your space. This is the fun step because it's when you get to share with us your dreams and ideas. This step happens in your own home, and you'll want to set aside about an hour and a half during Monday through Friday business hours.


Step 2

You are ready, willing, and able to invest in your home. Through the consultation step, you - the homeowner - and our team of contractors have determined that the project would be a good fit for both parties. We will then draft a pre-construction development agreement for signature, with a target range or value for the client's budget and ask for a retainer to begin the design process. We take this seriously and ask each and every client entering into this step to acknowledge that by engaging with our team, that the client intends Nip Tuck to build the project and that, if and when the time comes we need to refine a budget to meet expectations, the client will work with us to do so until we have it right. This is a process and we are experts at navigating it.


Step 3

Feasibility and flow. This is the phase in which we will focus on defining the function and flow of your new space, as this will be the driver of our scope of work and preliminary budget. We will take detailed measurements and photos of your space, discuss in detail what matters most to you, and create up to three options for our first floor-plan meeting. Once we land on a preliminary plan, you can expect to see a budget begin to come together, with which you can begin to make informed decisions, enabling us to start layering the aesthetics into the plan.


Step 4

Aesthetics and refinement. Once we know you are pleased with the floor plan, our team can work on refining the details of the space, and we are able to begin selecting materials and finishes. Our designer will work with you to specify every last detail as well as prepare all the drawings and elevations that our team will need to finalize pricing and to ultimately build the project. During this phase, we will also hold a Trade Day at your home, so that our sub-contractors can visit the site and provide us with accurate bids. We will massage the scope of work and the budget together, so that the final plan meets with your approval on all levels.


One of the primary keys to happiness relating to our work is at this very point in the process! The reason I can guarantee that our clients are happy is that we make sure you are absolutely happy with the plan, the aesthetic and the value before we even swing a hammer. Because we have such a precise method of executing our projects, I know you will be happy at the end if you are happy at this very moment. The words "good enough" and "fine" mean that we are not there, and will dig into what needs to happen for you to say emphatically "Yes - I love it!"
April Bettinger, Owner and Founder of Nip Tuck Remodeling


Step 5

Signing the contract and preparing for construction. All the details and decisions are made, and it is time to sign the contract. We will prepare a document for you and ask for an initial deposit that will enable us to order all the materials and gather the resources needed to build your project. This will typically happen 30-90 days prior to our start date and will give you plenty of time to prepare for our arrival. Our contracts are fixed fees with a few variables that are identified in the budget.

Our team will prepare a detailed schedule and invite you to our Builder Trend application, so you can view all the activities related to your project. About 1-2 weeks before construction begins, our project manager will meet with you to discuss the logistics of day-to-day activities and help you with any last-minute preparations.


Step 6

Execution. We bring your dream renovation to life! Nip Tuck Remodeling closely follows our project timeline, keeping you informed of progress and answering any and all questions. The communication circle is a daily priority for us that involves our team at the job site (your home), the Nip Tuck office, and direct communication with you, the homeowner. We meet weekly with each and every client to discuss the current week schedule and a 1-3 week look ahead, so you are always prepared for what is coming and the decisions you may need to make. Our workers are thorough and clean, and we make the process as comfortable for you and yours as possible. Our clients love our attention to their comfort!


A successful remodel never happens by accident; we deliver on-time and on-budget projects because we are experts at planning and anticipating, and we partner with exceptionally skilled craftsmen. Nobody likes surprises, because they usually cost time, money, and satisfaction.


Step 7

Completion. We finalize your renovation project on time and on budget because of our on-purpose methodology. Our final day on the project is meant to be a celebration, to review the process and to deliver a space that you and your family will enjoy for many years to come. Our project manager and trade partners have already copleted thorough punch lists, and your only job at this point is to move in, enjoy, and let us know if anything needs more attention. This is our favorite part of the process, and it is truly gratifying each and every time. And with every client project, we follow up to ensure everything is working. We also answer questions about the care and maintenance of your new space. Know that Nip Tuck Remodeling is available; we are here to help.


Step 8

A home you love to live in!  Imagine a home that welcomes you at every turn.  You now have renewed energy in your space.  You have renewed confidence, tremendous pride & joy in your home.  Not only that, but the experience of getting there and the results leave you knowing it was worth every penny!