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Woodinville Custom Kitchen & Aquarium


Outdated to Exceptional Woodinville Custom Kitchen and Family Room

Details are what make a space special and this custom wall is a stunning example.


This Woodinville custom kitchen and family great room was ready to be updated, both in function and aesthetics. The honey wood tones of the late 90s dominated, and the only reprieve was boring off-white walls and carpet. This space was in need of some color, some life and some better flow.


With the desire for sensible storage and aesthetic flow, a few obstacles presented themselves.  We were not able to alter the footprint, or move walls, to increase the space in the rooms. Additionally, the custom build for the aquarium would require other resources that would take a while, so the kitchen was completed in the first phase, then the family room was wrapped up the following year.

Moving the cooking to the perimeter allowed for a better-performing and beautiful custom hood. Relocating the sink from the corner of the kitchen was now necessary, and allowed for better storage in said corner. Reworking the third wall allowed for a beverage station with worktop and plenty of storage. 

The new gas fireplace is linear and allowed the TV to be mounted above at a reasonable viewing height. This also allowed for a much improved seating arrangement and the cook can watch TV while preparing meals. The custom-built fireplace section was clad in quartz with minimal seams and all exposed edges of the hearth, sides and inset TV niche were mitered for a sleek appearance.

We created a home for a 2600-lb custom aquarium and then built the cabinetry around it. The saltwater tank required plenty of support and access at the top of the tank for servicing the tank and feeding the fish which we accomplished with a face frame and attaching doors so all is hidden but accessible. The flanking cabinets are designed for storage as well as components and a smurf tube access for the TV. The open cabinets are clad with walnut backs to match their Woodinville custom kitchen.



Details are what make a space special and this custom wall is a stunning example. This sophisticated Woodinville custom kitchen and luxe family room is no exception! 

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