Halloween is right around the corner, and who doesn’t love a fun Halloween party? It can be especially exciting if you’ve just dusted some cobwebs off a dreary interior and replaced it with a fantastic remodeled space. The only problem is, spooky décor often includes cobwebs! Rather than go the traditional route of spiders hanging from the rafters, try your hand at a more sophisticated Halloween party.

Get crafty with pumpkins.

Ditch the usual jack-o-lantern as a centerpiece. Black, silver, or red metallic paint will cast a ghostly aura, especially if you’ve decided to ditch some of your traditional lighting for candles. Fabrics and gems can also be adorned to pumpkins for a festive look, and if you do feel like carving, find one large enough to store a bottle or two of wine.

Don’t limit yourself to orange.

Orange is not the only color that will guarantee a frighteningly fun Halloween party. If you’ve remodeled recently, this is a great time to draw attention to your new kitchen panels or living room décor. Stripes, florals, and whimsical colors all have a place when arranged properly. Don’t be afraid to incorporate existing antiques around a blood-red punch bowl or create an elegant look with all-white. Your personal style can remain, even on Halloween night.  

Serve more than candy.

Of course, no Halloween party is complete without a bowl of candy, but you should still offer delectable treats to your guests. If spiders and cobwebs must present themselves somehow, cakes and cookies are the perfect canvas. Consider offering adult beverages in creepy vials or use dry ice to create mystique. Serve hot chocolate that is a gruesome red instead of brown. If you’re looking to terrify your guests, recipes like blood-splattered petit fours or zombie avocado bars are delicious choices. If you’re searching for an edible centerpiece, this candy-corn cheese tower is a simple dish that will impress all in attendance.

Encourage costumes.

Costumes are for all ages and holding your own costume contest is an entertaining way to end the evening. Design a runway, outdoors if the weather permits, and ask your guests to go all out! Add some terrifying touches to a newly renovated patio, like these incredible stacked pumpkins. You can easily create your own prize baskets or fall floral arrangements to encourage costumes, and you’ll be sure to have a memorable party!

Host this year’s Halloween party with personal flair and incorporate your own style into the festivities. Halloween is about more than ghouls and witches, and your home can be the canvas for a sophisticated, fun, and chilling night.

Halloween is about more than ghouls and witches, and your home can be the canvas for a sophisticated, fun, and chilling night.