the future of remodeling after the pandemic

Home Offices, Mud Rooms, and More: Post-Pandemic Home Remodeling

As we set our sights on the future and try to reopen the country, in the hope that the worst of the coronavirus pandemic has passed, we are eager to resume our work, with new safety protocols in place to keep our partners – and  your families – safe. But the pandemic has certainly changed the way people are thinking about their homes. Many more people are choosing to stay in the homes they already own; so, more homeowners are considering a remodel. And when they do, in addition to new kitchens, bathrooms, and open spaces, we’re seeing requests for home offices, mud rooms, and more.

Home Office Additions

Many people will eventually return to work in their business offices, but because office spaces will also have to be redesigned and reimagined to help prevent the easy spread of germs – with desks set six feet apart and new traffic patterns established – more people will continue to work from home permanently. Short-term, it might have been okay to put up a background and take a Zoom call in your living room, but if working from home is going to be the future of work, a dedicated home office space (with a secure door, plenty of lighting, and a degree of sound-proofing) is going to be essential.

Mud Rooms

Mud rooms are staging areas you can enter before coming into the main house, where you can remove your shoes and outerwear, wash your hands, and disinfect. These rooms are already becoming one of the most popular requests in home remodels, including mud rooms as part of the laundry room. COVID-19 was a wake-up call for a lot of us, as we begin to realize that we can all be doing more to protect ourselves and our families from exposure to all kinds of germs. A mud room is the perfect addition to your house, allowing you to keep more of the outside world outside and separate from the sanctuary of your home.

Bidets and Smart Toilets

It only takes being frightfully low on toilet paper once in your life to inspire you to have a backup plan. Bidets, a common feature in European bathrooms, are becoming a hot commodity in the US as well. In addition, people are thinking about ways to minimize the spread of germs. Touchless appliances and faucets were already growing in popularity, but the practicality of these fixtures has been brought to the forefront. And, once considered an indulgence, smart toilets, like these toilets from Kohler, are probably going to be the future of bathrooms.

Even when COVID-19 is a thing of the past and we can go about our lives, the lessons we’ve learned will shape the future of work, living, and certainly, home remodeling. We’re ready to help guide you to a safer and healthier, more functional home – without sacrificing the beauty and design you deserve. Give us a call!

Now that we're beginning to get back to work, there are items on the remodeling agenda that more people are asking for.