Where Are the Good Contractors Hiding?

“Finding a contractor that will be able to grow with your home and be a continual resource for you is not only a benefit, it means that you only need to do the hard work of research once.”

Now that you’ve made the enormous decision to remodel – and you know why you want to – choosing your contractor is the next step. Although finding your why is one of the most important initial steps within a remodeling project, partnering with the right contractor is a close second. This is the person that you will build a relationship with over the course of several months. They will be in your most personal spaces and privy to your daily lives, so trustign who they are as an individual and as a professional is mandatory.  The question is, what sets a great contractor apart from the crowd?

First, where are good contractors hiding?

We always advocate the use of personal referrals, because a family member or friend can tell you every detail of their experience. You’ll still need to decide if this contractor is the right fit for you but knowing someone who loves their work can put other anxieties to rest. Houzz is also a great place to search for a contractor, giving you better information than a generic internet search. Trade partners, client reviews, and a remodeling community are at your fingertips on Houzz. Lastly, home shows and tours are a great opportunity for contractors to show off their best work, and by going to some, you can find styles you like and work you appreciate.

They have an established presence.

No qualified contractor is a one-man team. An established presence means that there is an office with a team of professionals that can greet you when you call for an appointment or consultation. An internet search should result in a website with a gallery and photos of previous work as well as detailed information about the company. You should easily be able to verify the contractor’s credentials as well, along with trade memberships that demonstrate they are serious about their work in the industry. If this information is not made prominent on their website, you can search on the Department of Labor and Industries website.

They advocate for client interests.

A professional contractor, like any other business person, wants to expand their client base. Yet, as contractors ourselves, we have turned down projects. Why would any contractor send money walking by referring a lucrative project to someone else? It’s a matter of integrity. If a contractor cannot meet your needs or lacks expertise in something you need, they should be honest in telling you so and be happy to refer you to a colleague who better matches your needs. This is why a good contractor is a gold mine for current and future projects. They may be able to design and remodel a stunning bathroom but hesitate on adding a second floor to your ranch-style home. However, they may know the perfect contractor who can design and build a second floor in their sleep. A respectable contractor is a valuable resource that will always advocate for you and the remodel you’re dreaming of.

 “Just as a great remodel does not happen by accident, neither does any other part of a successful business.”

There is something to be said for first impressions. If you don’t get positive vibes from every interaction with a contractor, whether from perusing their website or a phone call with a secretary, they shouldn’t be on your list of contractors to consider. When it comes to drastic changes to your home, you want to be picky. A home remodel is a very personal project to trust another with and narrowing the talent pool is how you will find the right partner for you.

Take your time choosing a contractor. It’s worth finding the right partner who can help you dream big.

We absolutely love our new Master bedroom sanctuary and spa like Bathroom. We were quiet pleased with the service Nip Tuck provided, from our first contact to completion. April and her team were professional, on time and reliable. Everyone we worked with at Nip Tuck exceeded our expectations. The entire process was truly a positive and rewarding experience. We had weekly progress meetings to discuss any schedule changes which there were none. Attention to detail and communication was truly outstanding. They were also great about making suggestions that added to the beauty and functionality of the Master bath. Our sincere appreciation to everyone that worked on our Master suite project. We will enjoy it for many years! - Carol Nadalin

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