What Sets Us Apart


We Solidly Plant Our Feet On Our Guarantee of Happiness

When was the last time that you heard of a contractor really focusing on your happiness?  We feel so strongly about delivering on the promise of Happiness Guaranteed that it is woven into our company culture and our processes, and is forefront in the minds of every person on our team.  Remodeling is an emotional journey involving fear of change, significant monetary investment, and excitement for the possibility of what could be.  Our expectation is that if you are going to put yourself through all of this, you should not only be extremely happy with the outcome but also the process in getting there.

We promise to take our clients on a journey that fully explores their needs, creates a vision of space and aesthetics they love, and at a price they can afford. We can promise this because our team will make sure our clients needs are in alignment with space, aesthetics, and value before we swing a hammer. With our systemized approach to execution and an on-purpose attitude, we guarantee that happiness is an expectation on each and every Nip Tuck project.

If you have not done so, we encourage you to scroll to the bottom of the page and download our eBook, which is the first chapter and a sneak peak of a book, written by Nip Tuck Remodeling Founder,April Bettinger, entitled Happiness Guaranteed ~ Choosing the Right Contractor is the Key to Your Castle.  The chapter is called "Know Your Why"and will help you explore the reasons behind choosing to renovate, and it will give you a more in-depth look at how we approach a project.


We Are a 100% Woman-Owned Company

Our founder started the company in 2010 with a vision and determination to create a construction company with extraordinary craftsmanship and a focus on professionalism.  She also loved creating an nurturing atmosphere and a close-knit team that are keys to long-term relationships formed with our trade partners, clients, and employees.  We believe that the guidance and influence gained by a woman-led construction firm puts more focus on being good listeners, communicators, and earning our clients' trust.

Everything We Do Is On Purpose

From the first phone call to the celebratory walkthrough at the end of every project, there is a process and order to what we do.  Organization, detail, and thinking ahead are at our core.  We are expert planners, which allows us to produce reliable, predictable results, and allows our clients to enjoy the process of remodeling, not just the results.  Our trade partners are vetted and trusted to show up on time, do their work exceptionally well, and are always available to return for the occasional warranty call.


Listen to April's podcast with Tim Faller "Hitting a schedule every time" 

We Limit the Number of Projects in Construction to Focus On High Service, High Touch

We are often asked how many projects we run at a time.  This can vary, but as a general rule, we keep the number to 3-4 active projects, so that our project manager and primary trade partners can truly focus on your project and give it the attention it requires and deserves.  It may mean that we have a 6-12 month backlog, but we would rather focus on doing each job really well than to do more projects and start compromising schedules or quality.


We Believe In Transparency and Open Communication

  • Our construction schedule is live, and you can review it any time you want using our client login on your PC or via an app on your smart phone.  You know exactly who is going to be at your home each day and what will be accomplished each week.
  • Our scope of work is detailed and helps to eliminate any confusion about what is included or not included.
  • Detailed estimates are shared with you, so that you are informed and educated about balancing your budget.  This level of detail makes it a breeze to “value engineer” a project through specific items, options or rooms.
  • Our designer will explore the details with you, provide her candid advice, and create detailed plans and 3D images so you can really envision what your new space will look and feel like.
  • We meet with every client every Friday.  We ask for feedback for the week and prepare you in advance for the upcoming 1-3 weeks.
  • Our project manager is in constant communication with workers on the site and our clients via phone, text, and in-person visits.
  • Progress photos of your project, important documents, and financial tracking are all available 24/7 through our online project management software.


Every Project Must Be a Great Fit for Both Contractor and Homeowner

We are not for everybody and that is okay.  For a project to be a true success, we must be able to have mutual trust, an ability to openly communicate, and while it sounds cliché, we need to like each other.  Our focus is to make the process of remodeling a wonderful experience for all of us.


We Seek Feedback to Improve Our Systems and Process 

Third-party surveys are utilized to query our clients at contract signing and again when we finish a project.  We take your suggestions seriously and are always open to improvement.  These surveys help us keep our Happiness Guaranteed promise and measure results.

Remodelers, home builders, and real estate developers rely on GuildQuality's customer satisfaction surveying to monitor and improve the quality of service they deliver.

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