Enter April Bettinger of Nip Tuck Remodeling...

April sat down with me and patiently suffered through my rendition of kitchen woes. She helped me identify my real needs and my greatest frustrations. She gave me ideas of how I could incorporate my family room with the kitchen and create a much more welcoming and functional space. She worked with the crazy odd angles and turned them into advantages.

She started out by taking detailed measurements, and then produced several different floorplans with 3D renderings for my consideration, complete with ballpark estimates for each estimate. This made it easy for me to narrow in on a single option that was within my price range. And she did all this preliminary work free of charge or obligation!

After the contract was negotiated, April and her team at Abodian (Cabinetry) worked closely with me to select woods, flooring, counter tops, tile, appliances, etc. April steered me clear of cheap shortcuts that I would have regretted, finding high-quality alternatives at prices I could afford. For instance, I was originally thinking of Formica counter-tops, but April dragged me to a granite supplier out in Kirkland, where I was able to find a granite slab I just loved, full of gorgeous crystalline and garnet inclusions, at an economy price.

I grew to trust April so much that I felt comfortable timing the demolition to coincide with a family vacation, so I missed the worst of the mess. When we returned from vacation, the remodel was well under way. Her carpentry team was very professional and tidy, and they made sure my hardwood floors were protected and dust shields were installed between the construction zone and the rest house, as well as dust filter protection over the heating air intakes. They even got along well with our two dogs!

The job was entirely done on schedule in less than 4 months. I was impressed by the high quality of work and attention to every last detail. There were no major surprises, and change order work was on the order of perhaps $1,000, which is nothing on a project of this scope!

I am loving my new kitchen!

Ballard, WA - Kitchen
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I had been enduring my kitchen for the past 20 years. There were odd angles everywhere, never enough convenient storage, things were always shoved to the back of cabinets and forgotten, counters were piled high with appliances and clutter, and there was no good working space