April Bettinger
April Bettinger, Owner & Founder

It all starts with a phone call. 

Simply click on the "Let's Get Acquainted" button on the bottom right or complete the form below, and our office will reach out to you for more information.  If you have a project in an area that we can service, our office will schedule for you a 15-20 minute phone call with April Bettinger, owner and operator, to learn more about your project and to discuss scheduling an in-home visit.  The first visit is simply to get to know one another, discuss some possibilities about your project, and discuss the next steps in our process.


Pre-Construction Planning — Starting Off On the Right Foot

The first question from perspective clients is ususally: "Can we meet in person?" Yes, we'd love to, but there are some things you should know before we meet. For instance, we don't offer free quotes or bids.    In our experience, though many projects are similar in scope, each one is custom and unique.  This means that without a thorough plan and identified specifications, there is not way to put a realistic number on your project.  We can, however, use historical data and recent, similar projects to give you a good idea about potential costs.

We prefer to have an initial consultation, and if we are in agreement that we should continue together, we will ask you to sign a pre-construction agreement to get started, and together, we will work through forming a preliminary budget to guide the project.


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