We highly recommend Nip Tuck Remodeling. Very thorough, easy and pleasant to work with, and great work. No cost overruns, and the job was completed on schedule. We are very happy with the whole process and with the quality and appearance of the end result.
Here are some of the things that really stood out:
- Upfront planning and preparation was very detailed. April works on a fixed cost bid basis, not time and materials. This required a lot of upfront work and back and forth to get to a firm bid that was within our budget. This process was a bit tedious and time consuming, but well worth the effort, as we knew exactly what we were paying and what we were getting in return. We had a few areas in the budget where a firm cost couldn’t be provided until they started doing demo, but were given allowances in the budget for those items which turned out to be fairly close to the actual cost. Other than a few relatively minor change orders that we made during the construction, everything else occurred as planned w/ no surprises on cost.
- April was very flexible and accommodating w/ us and our budget. She had no issues w/ us sourcing the some of the materials (i.e. lighting fixtures, stock cabinets), which allowed us to save quite a bit of money. She also carved out a week in the construction schedule so that we could bring in our own hardwood floor refinisher that our friend had recommended.
- We had a few issues that came up during the remodel (which we expected with a job of this magnitude). Every issue was dealt with in a professional and courteous manner.
- Once the lighting had been put in the master bathroom, we noticed one area that was too dim. April agreed and felt that this was an oversight on the design. She had an additional recessed light installed at her expense.

Bellevue,WA - Master Bath
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We worked with April and her crew to do a major bathroom renovation on our 1961 home. The project involved turning a woefully outdated and undersized master bathroom into a much larger, modern and more functional bathroom with a walk-in closet by taking over the floor space from an adjacent hallway bathroom, and relocating the hallway bathroom. We also had some additional painting, mill work, and door replacement on the main floor. We spent about 5 months working w/ April to plan the complete project, and another 4 months for demo/construction.