We have all been there. There is nothing worse than expecting a situation would turn out a certain way and having things go terribly wrong. Afterall, unanticipated events are a fact of life. However, working with the right contractor will ensure your home remodel does not fall into this category and that you enjoy the remodeling experience you deserve. Below are some ways to ensure you and your contractor are on the same page – from start to finish!

Initial Consultation and Engaging the Team

Setting agreed-upon expectations early on is the key to a successful remodeling experience. Most remodeling companies start the process with an informational phone call or in-person meeting. Throughout your initial contact, it is important that you feel a warmth and welcoming energy from them. Your meetings should be both informational and fun – they are learning more about your vision and dream for your home! A reputable company will build trust with you by showing historical data from previous projects and diving deeper into logistics, timeline, and what is feasible to invest. Most importantly, both parties should wholeheartedly decide that they would like to work together. If so, a design agreement is usually drafted and signed.

Feasibility, Aesthetics, and Refinement

Once the design process starts, the flow, function, and look of your home should be the main driving force along with budget. The right company will focus in on what matters most to you and create expectations based off of a realistic scope of work and preliminary cost estimate. Questions such as how long the remodel will take, how much money will need to be put in, and how the finished result will look should be answered. Once the floor plan is solidified, your designer will start creating drawings and work with you to pick out materials and finishes. The team will work with their trusted subcontractors to provide accurate bids upfront. The final plan needs to have your approval on all levels and you should have enjoyed your experience so far.

Construction Preparation and Execution

Once design is completed and the construction agreement is signed, you need to be thoroughly prepared for what the construction process will look like. A great project manager will be a constant presence throughout this phase and will have everything scheduled out in advance. You should freely be discussing topics like your preference on the frequency of job updates, construction safety in your home, and what the workday will look like. From confirming where all of the trades will park to keeping the jobsite clean, he will be planning out both the big and small details to provide you ease of mind. During construction, having aligned expectations on the project timeline will be especially important. On some days, you might literally be watching paint dry and should be constantly updated on all progress. The company you have partnered with should you make your comfort their number one priority!  

A Completed Project – and Home You Love!

Now that all of the construction has taken place, the best part of the process has arrived. Your project is complete! You should be thrilled with the end result and feel as though your expectations have been honored throughout this journey. Once again, a reputable company will do a thorough walk-through, fix any problems that arise, and provide you with a warranty for the next year so that you can rest easy. They will want you to love your home and finished space!

When remodeling your home, expectations are everything! Be sure to only work with a company like Nip Tuck Remodeling, who values your experience and is continually aligned with your goals and vision.