The team of professionals April brought in (carpenter, painters, tiler, electrician...) were excellent and sometimes worked very long days to ensure the schedule was met. We selected a challenging carved tile as our focal point and it was installed beautifully. The attention to detail on carpentry is superb. April also was a great resource for connecting us with a few other vendors we needed to get related aspects of our job done that we chose to manage ourselves (window replacement, closet organizers, carpet). As we were updating our bathroom we decided to do some cleanup/upgrade work to the other upstairs rooms ourselves and with the help of family and other familiar carpenters we could hire directly. This could have been a real challenge but April was extremely open minded and worked with us to try to schedule to avoid conflicts, her subcontractors were cooperative and helpful and it all worked out very well.

The overall end result from April is that we now have a gorgeous and functional master suite. A friend said it was like a suite at the Bellagio. We have never been there but we are thrilled that we get to enjoy our beautiful bathroom every day - better than a vacation. Our goals from the start were to try to make our bathroom more functional and improve the look and quality of the room. The existing bathroom had a tiny off the shelf fiberglass shower, a huge underutilized linen closet and an enormous platform with a small sunken bathtub which blocked access to the windows so you had to crawl into the tub to put the shades up/down and some odd wall angles. We also wanted to get rid of the nasty carpet and replace the failed picture windows with some windows that could be opened for better airflow ventilation. From the start April worked with us to figure out a way to utilize our space more effectively. We removed the tub platform and replaced it with a standalone tub and we robbed a little bit of space from the huge linen closet and took an unused triangle of space from the clothes closet to allow for a much larger, nicer shower space. We began our project in mid-September and completed before Thanksgiving. We were certainly thankful to be back to normal and are very grateful to have a lovely updated upstairs. The only issue now is that is nicer upstairs than downstairs.

We would recommend April to homeowners looking for a reliable, straightforward contractor who follows through with what she says she'll do, keeps clients informed, is responsive, cooperative and has quality subcontractors doing her work.

Woodinville, WA - Master Bath
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April assembled a great team and we are thrilled with our new master bathroom. April was accessible and responsive from start to finish. Communication was clear, consistent and we were able to keep our project reasonably on time and budget (we had a couple of extra things we decided to add on - i.e. the heated tile floor is a dream!).