After working with April and Joy (from Abodian Cabinets), we came up with a design that completely opened up our space to the rest of the house and created a lot more functional space. We took the kitchen down to the studs and removed a few walls and a supporting post along the way, getting a completely brand-new kitchen in the process.

My husband and I continued to live in our small home throughout construction and while it was invasive (as it undoubtedly would need to be) April's team took great care in ensuring everything was protected and that dust in our living area would be as minimal as possible.

It was very helpful to have the calendar April provided of the expected work to be done each day and week. The team was always available for a quick call to answer any questions we might have. We had a couple unexpected bumps along the way, but April and our project manager Kari (who was constantly going above and beyond) helped correct them as quickly as possible with minimal addition to our project timeline.

We now have a kitchen that we adore and is so functional. 6 months later everything is still working well and we know that should anything arise, April and her team will be there to help. What a great experience!

Seattle, WA - Kitchen
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We live in a small 1950s bungalow in West Seattle (900 sq. ft.) and when we bought our home, remodeling the kitchen was the first thing on our to-do list. The kitchen was in it's original state which meant a tiny cramped space, old cabinetry, no dishwasher or disposal and an extremely minimal amount of countertop.