Though we are primarily a design-build firm, we have built relationships with several of the top designers and architects in the area as their builder of choice, and we will sometimes enter into a team-build relationship.

Team-build is very similar to the design-build process, as we prefer to be welcomed to the team in the early development of a project, lending support through the feasibility process and marrying it to a reasonable idea of how it relates to the budget. For qualified projects, we will give conceptual ranges of budgets based on your plans and our experience with an expectation that entering into a pre-construction agreement is the next step towards refining the scope and budget.

When invited to interview for a build-only project, we will discuss where you are in the process and how to create a collaborative team to bring your visions to life.Our process depends on the ability to work as a team with the owner, designer, and contractor, and we will have some requirements involving timelines and deliverables from outside designers. Team-build has been a very successful part of our business from the beginning, as we embrace the design community and focus on being a trusted partner to deliver exceptional results to our clients.

When we enter into a build-only project, many of the benefits of design-build will be part of the package as we will be able to invite you into our process.

Ultimately, we look forward to bringing your amazing designs to life with our expert artisans and our on-purpose method of managing a project from start to finish.


Let me just say Nip Tuck Remodeling understands the need for complete detail prior to starting a project. They understand that in order to have a successful project most (if not all) of the design and construction questions should not only be addressed but resolved. April and her staff are a pleasure to work with. I am an interior designer and have worked with many contractors. I am quite fortunate to work alongside Nip Tuck Remodeling. I highly recommend them.
Roshelle Allison, NW Home Designers



I'm an interior designer in the greater Seattle area. I have been assisting clients in selecting, and also working with, their contractors for over 15 yrs. I have to say that I have never been as impressed by the contractor's "process" as I am with April and the team of Nip Tuck. From the moment of our first meeting, it was clear that my clients were going to get a service beyond the norm! Her precise ability to bid the job is awesome. When she says on time and on budget, she means it and has the tools to make it happen! I hope to work with her again soon!
Heather - hsMAC Design



I'm an interior designer and have been working on projects with April since 2011.We have developed a great working relationship, and I can highly recommend Nip Tuck Remodeling. April is very detail oriented and thorough. I enjoy working with her on projects, because while she runs the project and keeps everything in budget, she is also open and willing to explore the aesthetics and function from a design standpoint, which has always resulted in a beautiful and functional remodel. Nip Tuck's motto is 'on time, on budget, on purpose,' and all of those things are true. She runs a tight schedule and every homeowner that has worked with her knows exactly who and when someone will be showing up on any given day, and clients have a finite completion date. I have also worked closely with all of her subcontractors and have been very pleased with their communication and attention to detail as well. If you really do want a well-run project where you know what's happening at any given moment, and more importantly when it will be done and how much it will cost, Nip Tuck Remodeling is your team!
Melinda Slater, Slater Interiors



In my capacity as a kitchen and bath designer, I often have the opportunity to supply my clients with names of contractors to interview. I have worked with April Bettinger of Nip Tuck Remodeling many times. We recently finished a kitchen expansion and remodel late in 2012 that turned out beautifully. I like working with Nip Tuck because the company has an extremely high level of customer service and satisfaction. April's construction teams are easy to work with and communicate seamlessly with my company, Provanti Designs, whenever there is a design or material installation question. This is so helpful for homeowners who want to stay on time and on budget. Nip Tuck establishes a thorough quote upfront that extensively covers the entire remodel project so that there are no surprises with the budget/quote as work progresses. And best of all, April develops a detailed project calendar that specifies which trades are doing what work on a daily basis along with stated weekly construction goals. Nip Tuck finishes their projects on time, with quality work and satisfied homeowners. And that is why I tell my design clients that they need to do themselves a favor and talk with April Bettinger of Nip Tuck Remodeling about their remodel project.
Gail Monica Dent, Provanti Designs Inc.