10 Up-and-Coming 2021 Home Features that Nip Tuck Designers Love

In continuing the celebration of Nip Tuck’s 10th Anniversary, we asked our designers the top 10 trends they are predicting will become even more popular this year. They sent us over a list of their favorite features that bring functionality, uniqueness, and style to each space.

The Benefits of Creating a Home You Love

Many individuals look forward to the month of February and Valentine’s Day because it reminds us of the influence love has in our everyday lives. People love and cherish their family, friends, and even careers. But do they truly love their homes?

Heat Up Valentine’s Day with this Cheese Enchiladas and Homemade Red Chili Sauce Recipe

This is both a family recipe and favorite dish of our office manager, Ashley Gerhart. Ashley’s mom makes this dinner for her every time she is home visiting. It is the perfect spicy and delicious plate to entice your senses on Valentine’s Day. And do not forget the key ingredient: love!

Want to Spice Up Your Relationship this Valentine’s Day? Remodel Your Home!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you may be wondering how you can show that special someone just how much you care. Instead of the traditional “flowers and chocolates” route, why not present them with the idea of remodeling your shared home?

10 of April’s Favorite Project Features

Every project the Nip Tuck team has worked on has left us all with fond memories of transforming the space. We loved every detail, both big and small. However, we often enjoy reminiscing about past project features that really stood out!

How Home Layout Trends Have Changed Over the Years

People are constantly changing, and so are their preferences when it comes to the homes they live in. Over the past few decades, many trends regarding home layout and the best use of it have evolved. Check out the below list of changes homeowners are making to better utilize their space.

Bathtub, Shower, or Both? The Benefits of Each

Did you know January is National Bubble Bath month? While some people love soaking in a warm tub filled with aromatic bubbles, others love the idea of a spacious walk-in shower.

2021 Home Remodeling Trends

With 2021 underway and people still at home, there is more demand than ever for beautiful, creative, and efficient home styles and trends. Below are some functional and fashionable ideas that will look great in any home.

10 Award-Winning Nip Tuck Projects over the Years

It has been an amazing journey over the past 10 years and we are so grateful to have showcased plenty of wonderful projects throughout that time! Check out 10 of our favorites – many of which have been recognized for awards by our admirable peers and esteemed associates.

Celebrating the Holidays in 2020

It is officially the countdown to the holidays and the Nip Tuck team has been playing Christmas music around the office nonstop! We all love this time of year and have our own special way of celebrating. Despite social distancing and smaller get-togethers, there are still many traditions that we can safely enjoy. Check out this list below and prepare for a wonderfully festive season.

Nip Tuck Cares: Annual Holiday Food Drive

For many of us, the holidays are a wonderful time full of celebration, family, and fun! This is also the time of year when it is important to give back to others who are less fortunate. Our team at Nip Tuck set out on a goal to donate 8 boxes worth of holiday food this season – and we hit that goal at the beginning of this month! We are honored to be delivering our donations to Acres of Diamonds in Duvall, WA this year.

Happiness Guaranteed: 2020 Nip Tuck Annual Retreat

What makes a meaningful company retreat? For Nip Tuck Remodeling, the best retreats strike a balance between having fun with each other while simultaneously maximizing productivity and working towards our company goals. This year our team ventured out to Union, WA and took a couple of days to focus on our company motto “happiness guaranteed”.